Electronic textbook and Schoology

Posted by Angela Drake on 3/26/2020 12:00:00 PM

Online textbook:

Your electronic textbook is found at my.hrw.com and your usernames can be found in this document. Your password should be drakeflock. Contact me if the username from the document does not work or if the password is wrong. Contact me only after consulting the link to the document.

Schoology password:

The website for Schoology is acpsd.schoology.com. Consider using the SChoology app for the phone. It has a great suer intetrface!

Your username is still your student ID number, but your password was changed to MHVS2020. Since you cannot turn work in at the school, I am requesting that students turn in their Ten Day Packet work by scanning the paper or taking pictures of the work, then submitting the scan or picrture to Schoology in appropriate spaces. (These palce will be available by March 30. As of this posting, I have not created these yet.)

Phase 2 Plans:

I am dedicating Thrusday and Friday to finalizing Quarter 3 grades and writing Phase 2 Distance Learning plans. Please call, email, or message me wth questions.