Make-up Days: October 19, February 18 & March 22

MARCH 22 TO SERVE AS THIRD WEATHER MAKE-UP DAY - As a reminder Friday, March 22, 2019, was a designated Weather Make-Up Day on the 2018-19 District Calendar and it will be utilized to recoup instructional time lost October 11 to school closings related to Hurricane Michael. The Aiken County Board of Education approved the use of March 22 as a Weather Make-Up Day during its regular meeting held October 23, 2018. The South Carolina Code of Laws requires school districts to designate annually at least three days within their school calendar to be used as make-up days in the event of snow, extreme weather conditions, or other conditions requiring schools to be closed. At a minimum, Aiken County Public Schools is required to make-up the first three days of school missed for events of this nature. March 22 is being utilized for this purpose.