Greetings NJROTC Parents and Guardians,


On Wednesday 11 December our NJROTC Unit is undergoing the Area Manager Inspection (AMI). The AMI is conducted every other year and is an extremely important event in the life of a unit. During the inspection, all portions of the unit will be thoroughly examined. All of our students will stand a uniform inspection and I need your assistance to insure we excel on this portion of the inspection. I ask that all male cadets be clean shaven the day of and have a fresh hair cut the week prior to inspection. I ask that all female cadets have their hair off their collar for the inspection. I ask you assist me in insuring all cadets have a clean and pressed uniform for the inspection. Additionally, you are cordially invited to attend the pass in review portion of the inspection taking place at 10:00 in the gymnasium of South Aiken High School. We ask that you be in your seat at 9:45. Thank you very much for your support of our program and if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (803) 641-2600 Ext. 60024 or email


C.H. Davis III

Colonel, USMC (Ret.)

Senior Naval Science Instructor