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2019 JMS Winners

2019 Jackson STEM Middle School Award Winners - Teacher of the Year, Ms. Ophelia Mixon, teaches 8th grade Social Studies. We celebrate her along with her students for having the highest average test scores of any middle level content area in the District in 2018, as a 7th grade Social Studies teacher. Mrs. Ashley Shealy is our First Year Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Shealy teaches Art, and has added splashes of color throughout the school, including ceiling tiles. Mrs. Sandra Jones was voted GEM (Giving Even More) of the Year. Mrs. Jones is the Library/Media Center Aide. She is knowledgeable about the library and takes an interest in what students' are reading. She is a co-sponsor of the Jackson's Battle of the Books and utilizes the Engineering Design Process (EDP) to create thematic costumes for each book fair.