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Thoroughbred Alumi Gives Back To Help Student-Athletes

Back in the Fall of 2017, Dr. Tiffany of Tiffany Pediatrics and athletic trainer, Jennifer Bierly spearheaded a trial run for the ImPact Baseline Test with the South Aiken High School football team. ImPact concussion testing is a tool to help diagnose concussions and the management of concussions. Each student-athlete took the ImPact test, which tests verbal memory, visual memory, and reaction time. The test also asks questions about whether the student-athletes are currently experiencing any symptoms. The test takes about 45 minutes to complete. Once a concussion is suspected, Bierly takes the student-athlete through the SCAT 5 test and then the student-athlete is referred to a local physician, like Dr. Tiffany, to take the ImPact test again. In order for a student-athlete to return to play, he/she needs to get his/her scores back to baseline level or above.

After that initial season, Dr. Tiffany shared this information with the Kisner Foundation in hopes of getting a grant for Aiken County Public School District to help fund the ImPact concussion program district-wide for all sports. The Kisner Foundation, a non-profit run by PGA golfer and Thoroughbred alumini Kevin Kisner and his wife Brittany, donated money to help with this cause to help keep our student-athletes safe. Without the help of The Kisner Foundation, we would have not been able to incorporate the ImPact Test countywide. So, many thanks to The Kisner Foundation for providing this opportunity for our student-athletes at South Aiken and the Aiken County School District!

Jenn Bierly