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Parents pushing for Aiken school board to reconsider rezoning

AIKEN COUNTY, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) – For some Aiken County parents, location is important.

As homeowners association Burt Carey says, in this Southside neighborhood, it's everything. "A lot of people have bought homes here in this district almost exclusively because of the Chukker Creek educational opportunity."

New redistricting calls the fate of 285 homes in this neighborhood into question. Under the recommendation, South Meadows would be moved into East Aiken elementary district, something Carey says his community does not support.

"I don't think you can just take an excellent school, make it average, and say that's automatically going to raise the level of the ships all throughout the ocean."

The latest state report cards tell the story --with Chukker Creek receiving an excellent rating to East Aiken's average, and its students outpacing East Aiken in all subjects.

"I would rather they make changes to the curriculum within the schools they have currently in the zones they have currently."

The board says they hear those concerns.

King Lawrence/Chief Administrative Officer, ACPS said, "The reason we're having these town halls is to get that input from the community."

But they also say changes like these could be positive for demographic reasons, with many students in places like East Aiken on free and reduced meals.

The board currently has four amendments listed on its website, three of them have to do with Chukker Creek.

"Amendment 2 maintains South Meadows as a part of the Chukker Creek district and we'd be in favor of that."

A step in the right direction says Carey ... but they're still going to fight. Something the board is encouraged to help make it better too.

"We wouldn't do that unless we were interested in listening."

Story by Matt Kaufax, WRDW 12

December 13, 2017