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Aiken County Respresented at Statewide Student Council Leadership Camp

In mid-July, a group of students from Aiken County’s newest high school, Aiken Scholars Academy, converged on Camp Cherry Grove near North Myrtle Beach for a four-day leadership camp organized by the South Carolina Association of Student Councils (SCASC).  Aiken Scholars Academy is Aiken County’s only affiliate school of the SCASC which is a member of the nation-wide National Association of Student Councils (NASC), which aims to help middle and high schools organize and operate their own local student council organizations.


Over the course of four days at the camp, ASA Student Council members completed workshops and skill sessions as well as participated in whole group events meant for students to network with other council members from across the state and learn how other student council associations are run.  A major component of the camp is the group bonding and trust-building that occurs over the four days and the sharing of creative ideas on how to get more students involved in student council activities and events at their individual schools.


The week’s theme was “Leadership is my Superpower,” and allowed students to dress as superheroes and their sidekicks to reinforce the theme and have fun. Guest speakers presented ways for students to use their own superhero powers to make their councils impactful for their schools. Within the next few years, ASA’s Student Council plans to encourage other Aiken County schools to attend these statewide events and bring Aiken County fully into the SCASC network to help create more future leaders within our community.


Submitted by Student Body President Ann Alyse Messick