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Buy a Yearbook!

Yearbooks are on sale now! If you purchase a yearbook before November 26, it is only $20.00; after November 26, 2019 the price will increase to $25.00. If you want your child to have his/her name on front cover then add an additional $8.00. All payments should be made payable to Warrenville Elementary School.

For 5th grade parents only:Yearbook Ad

Celebrate your child’s last year in elementary school. Our 2019-2020 yearbook will feature 5th grade dedications! You can include a baby picture of your graduating 5th grader as well as write a dedication to your child saying how proud you are of her/him. If you are interested in placing your child’s picture and/or a dedication in our yearbook, decide which size will best feature your child.  Dedication ads range from an eighth page ad, which is priced at $20.00; a quarter page ad is $40.00; and a half page ad is $70.00.  (Price does not include cost of yearbook.) For a flyer, see Mrs. Kinard or Ms. Prupis in the Library Media Center.

The deadline to include your 5th grader's baby dedication is Friday, November 26, 2019. Space is limited so send it in soon! You will get your photos back.

If you would like additional information, please contact Kathy Kinard or Tara Prupis in the Warrenville Elementary Media Center at 663-4270 or or