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STARS OF PUBLIC EDUCATION: Giving Even More (GEM) Honor Court Member Drew Sapp of J.D. Lever Elementary

Each day leading up to our first "Stars of Public Education" banquet to be held Thursday, April 27, at the USC Aiken Convocation Center we will be featuring a different Honor Court member from among this year's Giving Even More (GEM), Teacher of the Year and Principal of the Year honorees.

Mr Drew Sapp Mr Drew Sapp



Prior to his career with Aiken County Public Schools, Drew Sapp took pride in providing great customer service in his duties working in retail and loss prevention. He joined the staff at J.D. lever Elementary School three years ago in a versatile role as parent, attendance and homebound coordinator, and he begins each day with one desire – to make a difference in the lives of each student.

As shocking as being named as a Giving Even More honor court honoree appeared to be for Mr. Sapp when he was surprised by District representatives and his J.D. Lever colleagues in the school’s front office with balloons and a group of cheering students, it also illustrates exactly why he loves his job so much. His dedication to students knows no boundaries.

“No matter what position I have held here, I have continued to possess the same commitment to treat everyone who enters J.D Lever Elementary School as our most important asset,” Mr. Sapp stated. “From the time our students enter the school and I greet each student by name, until the time they leave in the car line, I make it a point to make them feel that they are valued and express how happy we are that they are here. Our students deserve the very best we can give them every day, even on days when we may not be feeling our personal best.”

Fostering the environment of caring that Mr. Sapp says exists at J.D. Lever may also be seen at many other schools across the District, he adds, making Aiken County Public Schools an ideal place to work for any dedicated professional.

“I value the respect, a caring sense of family and the amazing culture of excellence developed by the teachers, staff and administrators in Aiken County Public Schools,” Mr. Sapp commented. “These same values we hold to here are also held in every school across the District by individuals in every position and school role. I am proud to work in a school district where individuals strive for excellence at every level for the greater good of the team, and always for the benefit of our students.”



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