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District Experiencing a Critical Shortage of Bus Drivers

Aiken County Public Schools is experiencing a critical shortage of school bus drivers and substitute bus drivers.

Looking at all available options to help lower the number of bus routes, protect classroom instruction, and eliminate lengthy delays, the District is asking parents of bus riders, those who are able to do so, to consider temporarily providing transportation for their children to and from school. The bus driver shortage – more than 30 drivers as of Wednesday, September 15 – continues to require double, and in some cases, triple routes during the morning and afternoon to transport students. 

“At a time when we are experiencing such a critical shortage of bus drivers, we are asking families who can do so to temporarily provide transportation for their children,” stated Aiken County Superintendent King Laurence. “Our goal in asking this of parents is to help alleviate delays and best serve students who could not attend school otherwise.” 

Reducing the number of bus riders will allow school district transportation to operate more efficiently while serving students and families for whom personal transportation to and from school is not an option. 

Parents who can provide transportation for their children are asked to send an e-mail to with their child’s name, school, home address, and a phone number. Please be sure to include whether you have the ability to provide transportation in the morning, afternoon, or both. Families will be notified when bus driver staffing in their area will allow normal bus schedules to resume.  If a family is no longer able to provide temporary transportation, please e-mail to resume bus transportation.

The District is actively seeking to hire new bus drivers. Anyone interested in serving as a bus driver or substitute bus driver in a full-time, part-time, long-term, or temporary role is encouraged to contact ACPSD Classified Recruitment and Staffing Specialist Patrick Ott by phone at (803) 641-2428 or email at


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