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Veteran Educator Lydia Bon Brings Skill and Experience to Greendale Elementary as School's Assistant Principal

Improving student outcomes while connecting them with their local community has always been a goal for educator Lydia Bon. She knew she could do just that for Greendale Elementary School students and members of the community as an administrator as well.  

Aiken County Board of Education members approved Bon’s appointment as assistant principal at Greendale Elementary School for the 2021-22 school year in May.

“I’m honored to be a part of the leadership team of the first school where I taught in Aiken County,” stated Bon. “I knew I would be joining a wonderful administrative team and I’m just excited to start my new role as an assistant principal.”  

Bon had already been introduced to the school and local community while serving as a third-grade teacher during the 2020-21 school year. Prior to joining Greendale Elementary she had been a teacher for 15 years, serving as a media specialist, literacy coach, ESOL coordinator, and instructional coach.    

“Previously working as a literacy coach and media specialist gave me the opportunity to provide teachers with instructional support while still interacting with students,” commented Bon. “As an assistant principal I feel I can continue to do both as I have the privilege of working with the entire school community.”

Bon’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education in Indianapolis, Indiana.    

Meeting the emotional and academic needs of all students is important to Bon, who says she strives to make everyone feel valued by fostering a cohesive learning community.

“My experience in implementing and monitoring data-driven instruction with fidelity will increase student achievement by ensuring the needs of all learners are met,” added Bon. 

During her first year at Greendale Elementary she plans to implement and promote programs with fidelity to mitigate learning loss, enhance student learning, and increase student achievement in both Reading and Math.

“I have an open door policy with staff members and parents so we can work as a team to provide students with meaningful educational experiences that help build a strong foundation in their educational paths,” stated Bon. “My desire is to promote individualized learning that will motivate and inspire our students.” 


ACPSD Communications Department