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Aiken Scholars Academy Announces Third Cohort

The Aiken Scholars Academy Selection Committee is thrilled to announce its third cohort of 50 incoming freshmen for the upcoming 2020-21 school year.

Aiken Scholars Academy (ASA) creates an environment focused on the whole student, where students help facilitate the learning process and build the knowledge and skills geared toward their futures. 

“We accomplish this by providing scholars with a unique educational experience immersed in the college atmosphere,” stated Martha Messick, ASA Principal. 

In collaboration with the University of South Carolina Aiken, ASA provides a high-quality education through rigorous high school and college coursework in a nurturing and supportive learning environment which prepares scholars for entrance into an ever-changing, advanced society.

Students representing the 2020-21 Aiken Scholars Academy Freshman Class include:

Makenzie Abbott, Schofield Middle; Jayden Rhys Avancena, Leavelle McCampbell Middle; Brandon Avery, Horse Creek Academy;  Sanja Becnel, Paul Knox Middle; Mary Burns, St. Mary's School; Seth Cameron, LBC Middle; Austin Castor, Horse Creek Academy; Kyndal Chipley, LBC Middle; Kailyn Coffey, Leavelle McCampbell Middle; Claire Collum, Mead Hall Episcopal; Laura Cutler, Schofield Middle; Cameron Downs, North Augusta Middle; Lathan Garland, Kennedy Middle; William Gibson, Kennedy Middle; Keanan Graham, Kennedy Middle; Kyle Hurley, North Augusta Middle; Richard Hutto, Schofield Middle; Angela James, Paul Knox Middle; Kezia Jones, Schofield Middle; John Kenneweg, Kennedy Middle; Nico Kyles, Horse Creek Academy; Carolina Martin, Kennedy Middle; Alyssa Mclaurin, A.L. Corbett Middle; Brinlee Moore, Leavelle McCampbell Middle; Connor Morris, Paul Knox Middle; Briana Nabriat, Leavelle McCampbell Middle; Mara Newman, LBC Middle; Ariyanna Oliver, LBC Middle; Olivia O'shields, North Augusta Middle; Judith Osorio, Leavelle McCampbell Middle; Peyton Owenby, Leavelle McCampbell Middle; Siddh Patel, Kennedy Middle; Colette Pieters, Kennedy Middle; Raylene Pruett, New Ellenton Middle STEAM Magnet; Sophia Ready, LBC Middle; Johnny Richardson, Horse Creek Academy; Bailey Savage, Schofield Middle; James Saxon, Kennedy Middle; Deanna Smith, North Augusta Middle; Wyatt Spann, Tall Pines STEM Academy; Hailey Spondike, Kennedy Middle; Caleb Storm, Leavelle McCampbell Middle; Zaiid Stroman, New Ellenton Middle STEAM Magnet; Haruka Suri, Kennedy Middle; Rafael Vargas, St. Mary's School; Mckenzi Walcott, Kennedy Middle; Lukas Willard, LBC Middle; Camron Williams, North Augusta Middle; Tamie Yang, Leavelle McCampbell Middle;  and Maggie Zheng, North Augusta Middle.