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Aiken County Public Schools Will be Prepared for Virtually Everything

Comprehensive curriculum planning, safety and facility enhancements, and a significant investment in student laptops are among the list of projects underway in Aiken County Public Schools as the District prepares for virtually every possibility that the 2020-21 academic school year may present.

The Aiken County Public Schools’ Back To School Task Force, a comprehensive group of 39, has been assembled to develop plans to safely continue the District’s mission of a premier educational experience for the students and families of Aiken County.

The Task Force will guide Aiken County Public Schools through major considerations for reopening, including social distancing, the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), hygiene, sanitation and illness protocols, transportation, and the delivery of instruction.

The input of parents/guardians of students regarding their preferences for their children’s education, highest priorities, recommendations, and concerns will be critically important to the Task Force’s ability to create a plan for next school year that represents the desires of the students and families of Aiken County. A survey from titled “Aiken County Public School District Requests Input on Returning to School” was sent to the primary email address on file for each student in PowerSchool, the District’s student information system. Any parent/guardian who did not receive an email with the survey request for each of his/her students, is urged to please send an email to

Aiken County Public Schools administration, board, teachers and staff recognize that there is continued uncertainty related to coronavirus, but parents and guardians can be assured that the District’s plans will be grounded in safety and will accommodate sustained instruction throughout any future school closures.

As a leader in high-quality virtual education, Aiken County Public Schools has articulated an overarching goal to accommodate students and families with varied levels of comfort with returning to the traditional learning environment in the wake of this pandemic. And, during recent meetings, the school board allocated extensive resources to student technology. As the Back To School Task Force seeks input and develops plans for next school year, information will be shared with the community.



ACPSD Communications Department