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Elementary School Behavioral Intervention Program 'XSEL'-erating During Time of School Closures

Aiken County Public Schools’ buildings will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, but the school district’s recently announced Tier-Three Behavioral Intervention Program for elementary school students is moving full-speed ahead.

During its last virtual school board meeting (Tuesday, April 21), the Aiken County Board of Education received a program update from the program’s newly-hired director, Beth Taylor. 

“It was exciting to unveil the new name, logo and brand for the program to the board of trustees,” Taylor commented. “The planning committee felt a name and logo that identified the unique mission as well as the method of social emotional learning that we will implement with this program were important to the brand.”

Ultimately, the planning committee selected the name XSEL (pronounced “exsel”) and a whimsical look incorporating a directional arrow off the “X” in the name and a hot air balloon rising above the clouds. 

“The name in and of itself is just so positive and we definitely want XSEL to be a very uplifting experience for the student, as well as his or her family,” Taylor stated. 

“SEL,” the abbreviation for Social Emotional Learning, is also embedded in the name of the new program.

“This is about helping the student identify his or her social and emotional triggers, teaching the child to self-regulate, and learning to overcome behavioral challenges,” Taylor continued.  “As we select support staff for this program, the right fit, skill set, and heart for helping children overcome behavioral challenges will be critical.”

Because of the length of the employment contracts, all staff positions for XSEL will be promotions for teachers and support staff. While experience in serving students with behavioral needs is desired, training for staff will be provided prior to the start of the school year. Current openings include:

•           Tier 3 Lead Behavior Interventionist – Certified as a school psychologist, school counselor, or licensed social worker; 210-day contract. 

•           Tier 3 Behavior Intervention Teachers - 5K-1st grade teacher, 2nd-3rd grade teacher, 4th-5th grade teacher; 210-day contracts.

•           Behavior Technician – Will provide classroom support as well as assist with transitioning students to and from the program; 205-day contract; Salary Scale: Support IV (Five Positions).

“I’m so excited that our brand visually represents the goals of the program,” Taylor added. “We will be supporting students through Social Emotional Learning (SEL) with the goal to teach and slowly transition the child back into the regular learning environment with the behavioral skills necessary to excel and reach endless heights and success through learning. I feel sure that there are staff members who will want to join this adventure.”


ACPSD Communication Department