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Midland Valley High School Graduate Zeb Proctor Follows a Family Tradition of Perfect Attendance

Zeb Proctor, a recent Midland Valley High School graduate, has been recognized for having perfect attendance in school from elementary to high school.

This achievement, while outstanding on its own merit, is especially interesting considering that Zeb followed in the footsteps of his two older siblings, Cassidee and Zeke, who accomplished the same thing. Zeb’s younger brother, ninth grader Zac, is also on the path towards a squeaky clean perfect attendance record.

Zeb was involved in Beta Club, the National Honor Society and Student Council, and graduated in the top 3% of his class. He talked about how he balanced his extracurriculars while still managing to never miss a day.

“I’m really ambitious about getting my school work, and if I miss class then I will miss important instruction,” he said.

For Zeb, missing a day of school “wasn’t really an option in my mind.” He is now beginning his first semester at USC Aiken, where he plans to study environmental science. Later, he plans to work for the Savannah River Ecology Lab.


 Proctor Family

Erin Weeks/Aiken Standard