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Project Tuteen: South Aiken High Seniors Help Classmates During the Pandemic

Keeping up with school during a pandemic can be a challenge, and one group of Aiken teenagers is working to help with the burden.

Project Tuteen is an organization comprised of ten South Aiken High School seniors. They provide free virtual tutoring in a variety of subjects, from foreign languages to AP Calculus.

Haley Huynh, the founder of Project Tuteen, said she was inspired to start the organization in April.

While scrolling through Instagram, Huynh noticed people were bored and had little motivation during the COVID-19 pandemic. She said she wanted to start the tutoring group to help keep her classmates motivated.

Other students involved in the organization are Emma Davisson, Timothy Reid, Alyssa Bagby, Kathleen Coleman, Calvin Kenneweg, Gavin DeJong, Anabelle Clothiaux, Melissa Joyner and Abigail Taylor.

“They’re all very different. They’re all very specialized in different areas,” Huynh said.

The students balance tutoring with their own schoolwork and extracurriculars by working as a team, Huynh said.

Although the current tutors in Project Tuteen are all South Aiken High students, Huynh said the organization can help students at other schools.

To learn more about Project Tuteen or to book a tutoring reservation, visit the organizations website.

If you’re a high school student who would like to get involved, you can contact the organization at

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Blakeley Bartee/Aiken Standard