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East Aiken School of the Arts Celebrates With a Welcome Back Parade

More than 100 families drove around the East Aiken School of the Arts parking lot for the school’s drive-thru welcome back parade Friday.

It was a hot, muggy afternoon, but teachers and staff smiled and waved at their students, who are enrolled in both face-to-face hybrid classes and the all-virtual Aiken Innovate program.

Teachers decorated signs and grouped together to greet students. The special education teachers arrived in pirate costumes with a pirate-themed float focused on reading.

Principal Lisa Fallaw said there was a good turnout among Aiken Innovate families and that it’s important to help the virtual students feel connected and involved with the school.

“I think it went fantastic. We are just so excited to welcome our kids back to school, both our virtual kids and our hybrid kids,” Fallaw said. “We have really missed them, and it’s just so good to see their smiling faces.”

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Blakeley Bartee/Aiken Standard