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Redcliffe Students Learn the 'Thrill' of Reading

The undead became the life of the party Thursday as students, faculty and staff at Redcliffe Elementary in Beech Island celebrated Halloween and, more importantly, literacy.

As the finale to the school's second character parade, the fifth graders did the zombie dance to Michael Jackson's “Thriller” through the halls. Dressed all in black, they showed off their best moves with their arms stretched out in front of them in perfectly choreographed zombie stances.

“It's a fun day for kids, and this is just a way for us to continue the fun at school while they're learning,” said Principal Terra van der Linden, who was wearing cat ears and a cat T-shirt that read “Do Your Best.”

Before the thrilling finale, the school's more than 700 students paraded through the halls dressed as characters from their favorite books as “The Monster Mash,” the theme from “Ghostbusters,” “Purple People Eater” and “I Want Candy” played.

Hermione from "Harry Potter" wore her crest from Hogwarts. Jessie from “Toy Story” wore her cowgirl hat. Wednesday from "The Addams Family" wore all black, of course.

A teacher came as Sam-I-Am carrying a plate of green eggs and ham. Another teacher captured the spirit of the holiday with an orange T-shirt with black letters that read, "Trick or Teach."

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Larry Wood/Aiken Standard