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Community Partnerships

The Aiken Avara Pharmaceutical Services site recently donated 200 computers to its neighboring school J.D. Lever Elementary.

The laptops and desktops provided to the school will benefit the students as they embark in classes that require the use of technology for assignments and tests, according to a news release from Avara.

During a meet and greet at the school, J.D. Lever’s principal, Michael Truitt, and Avara’s site leadership team spent time with students from all grades who showcased their abilities with the keyboard while learning about math and science.

Truitt explained that students begin to complete essays using computers in third grade, so having them practice keyboarding skills from as early as age 4 provides the foundations they need to complete their school work without the hurdles of losing their train of thought searching for the right keys while writing their answers, according to the release.


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