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District's Audited Financial Statements Presented To School Board

Annual financial reporting on the part of the Aiken County Public School District’s business services department takes comprehensive financial transparency to a higher level.

Though the school district is only required to issue a standard financial statement each year, the additional issuance of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, commonly called a CAFR, offers an additional level of assurance to community stakeholders.

At the December 17, 2019, regularly scheduled school board meeting, Mr. Tim Grow with Elliott Davis LLC., presented audit results for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2019. There were no issues with the audit. Mr. Grow spoke highly of the department’s leadership in encouraging sound financial practices on the part of the entire organization.

“The folks in your business services department know what they are doing and they are very good at what they do,” stated Grow. “They are always responsive to any questions we may have. They also do not hesitate to reach out to us for clarification or additional information if needed, and those are things we are looking for as auditors. Mr. Traxler and his staff do a terrific job.”

The District has received the Governmental Finance Officer Association’s Certificate of Achievement in Excellence in Financial Reporting for its past seven CAFRs and the Association of School Business Officials International’s Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting consecutively for the past eight years. The District will submit its June 30, 2019, CAFR and apply for both awards again this year. An independent and random third party performs an annual review of the CAFR for any award consideration.

Grow made no recommendations, while offering his highest level of assurance. Further, he offered no recommendations on the systems of internal control and commented that the District has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to financial stewardship.

Because the District receives funding from the federal government, a single audit is also conducted in funding areas of high significance such as Title I, IDEA and Improving Teacher Quality. There were no findings with the single audit and no deficiencies to report.

Following Mr. Grow’s report, Interim District Superintendent King Laurence thanked Chief Financial Officer Mr. Tray Traxler, Director of Business Services Ms. Julie Forrester and their team for their continued dedication and service.

“This sounds like a broken record each year because we continue to have these positive audits,” commented Laurence. “However, we know the reason we keep having positive financial audits is because of the great leadership and teamwork exhibited by Mr. Traxler, Ms. Forrester and everyone in their department. We appreciate everything they do.”


ACPSD Communications Department