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Aspiring Principals Program


You have likely seen the announcement that six ACPSD assistant principals are participating in the inaugural ACPSD Aspiring Principals Program. These future leaders will pave the way for our district to systematically strengthen the quality of instructional leadership in the district, ensuring our students receive the highest possible quality education throughout the county.  Per this opportunity, Byrd Elementary's very own, Sara Beth Brown, will be the acting principal of Graniteville Elementary School during January through March of 2020.  

We know this program has a particular impact on the Byrd Elementary School Community, since Sara-Beth Brown will be leaving her role as assistant principal from January through March. We expect that when she returns in April, there will be a chance to share around the work done and new strategies that can support improvement at Byrd Elementary School. We want to assure you that we are very aware of the opportunities and challenges that may come with this transition, and will be doing everything we can to make it as smooth as possible. As part of the program, Sara-Beth Brown will be responsible for building a transition plan with Mrs. Renae Enlow that ensures that her temporary replacement will be able to step right into the role and support your children and their needs. Know also that district staff will provide whatever support is needed to make sure that all responsibilities are smoothly and effectively fulfilled. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

We want you to know how excited we are that Sara-Beth Brown has been chosen to be a part of this incredible opportunity, and we hope you’ll support the Aspiring Principals Program participants as they work to build their own leadership skills and strengthen leadership across the district. We believe the Aspiring Principals Program will help us move to a new level of leadership excellence across the district.

Ms. Rosie Berry will graciously be filling in as acting Assistant Principal of Byrd Elementary during Ms. Brown's residency at Graniteville Elementary. Let's wish Ms. Brown a successful learning experience in the new year.   

For more information, please visit Aspiring Principals Program.