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Stars Of Public Education

Aiken County Public Schools is pleased to announce the 2020-21 location Teachers of the Year, First Year Teachers of the Year, and Giving Even More (GEM) winners who will be honored during the school district’s annual Stars of Public Education celebration to be held Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

The annual Stars of Public Education staff recognition banquet will be hosted by Aiken High School.

Teachers of the Year and First Year Teachers of the Year are nominated by their peers and selected by each school’s selection committee, a group including, at a minimum, a member of the administrative team and the school’s current honorees. Giving Even More winners, serving in their roles as bus drivers, school food service employees, administrative assistants/secretaries, teacher’s aides, custodians, and more, are nominated by their peers and selected at each school location and at the district office, with administration and the school’s prior GEM winner participating in a GEM Award Selection Committee.

“Each of these special individuals serve as an outstanding example of elevated professionalism in our school district,” stated ACPSD Interim Superintendent King Laurence. “They display an unmatched passion and personal dedication to colleagues and students on a daily basis. We are honored by their service and look forward to celebrating their success.”

The 2020-21 Aiken County Public Schools school-level Teachers of the Year include Angela Aaron (Schofield Middle); Daniel Ball (Aiken County Career & Technology Center); Dr. Laura Bacon (Aiken Intermediate School); Brandi Bibbs (North Aiken Elementary); Cristie Caldwell (Aiken Elementary); Melody Carey-Hutto (Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary); Hope Cline (Hammond Hill Elementary); Katie Craig (Graniteville Elementary); Rachel Creasy (Oakwood-Windsor Elementary); Ashley Demons (Center for Innovative Learning); Michael Dixon (Silver Bluff High); Corey Erskine (Wagener-Salley High); Melissa Ferraro (Gloverville Elementary); Fran Gay (Belvedere Elementary); Tony Hambrick (North Augusta Middle School); Agnes Hamilton (New Ellenton Middle STEAM Magnet School); Jamie Hatchett (South Aiken High); Caroline Hendren (Clearwater Elementary); Lori James (Aiken Scholars Academy); Dee Johnson (Greendale Elementary); John Kucela (North Augusta High School); April Layfield (Millbrook Elementary); Misty Lee (J.D. Lever Elementary); Heather Logan (Paul Knox Middle); Marissa Lynn (East Aiken School of the Arts); Megan Maxwell (Warrenville Elementary); Misty McConnell (Redcliffe Elementary); Iulia Miclaus (Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle); Becky Miller (Jefferson Elementary); Jennifer Minichan (Leavelle McCampbell Middle); Alicia Moody (A.L. Corbett Middle School); Kelly Anne Moore (North Augusta Elementary); Jennifer Randall (Ridge Spring-Monetta Middle); Andrea Rexroad (Byrd Elementary); Forough Shahidpour (Aiken High); Monica Smith (Ridge Spring-Monetta High); Nicole Stansell (Kennedy Middle School); Jennifer Starnes (Busbee Elementary); Ashley Summer (Jackson STEM Middle Magnet School); Aretha Tarver (Chukker Creek Elementary); Jonyetta Thomas (Midland Valley High School); and Ashley Watkins (Mossy Creek Elementary).

The 2020-21 Aiken County Public Schools school-level First Year Teachers of the Year include Xiomarra Beverly (Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle); Haley Butler (Jefferson Elementary); Jeffrey Campbell (Schofield Middle); Ayron Dupert (Midland Valley High); Samantha Gentry (Leavelle McCampbell Middle); Brianna Hancock (Oakwood-Windsor Elementary); Natalie Hornsby (South Aiken High); James Howard (Jackson STEM Middle Magnet School); Carina McGee (Aiken High); Penny Miles (Ridge Spring-Monetta Middle); Kaitlin Milligan (Chukker Creek Elementary); Natalie Moffett (New Ellenton Middle STEAM Magnet School); Samantha Newcomb (North Augusta High); Jordan Nix (North Aiken Elementary); Amber Payne (Busbee Elementary); Briante Perkins (Kennedy Middle); Ashley Pope (Mossy Creek Elementary); Kathleen Reynolds (Greendale Elementary); Haley Roberts (J.D. Lever Elementary); Courtney Robinson (Millbrook Elementary); Deanna Simmons (Gloverville Elementary); Rebekah Shaw (East Aiken School of the Arts); Matthew Smith (Aiken County Career & Technology Center); Nancy Tyner (Warrenville Elementary); Tylar Veurink (Paul Knox Middle); and Abbe Webb (Redcliffe Elementary).

The 2020-21 Aiken County Public Schools school-level Giving Even More (GEM) winners include Sherry Abney (Aiken County Career & Technology Center); Helen Ard-Watson (Wagener-Salley High); Melissa Barrs (North Augusta Elementary); Aisha Bey (Greendale Elementary); Regina Brock (Silver Bluff High); Lorraine Burton (Hammond Hill Elementary); Jamie Busbee (Millbrook Elementary); Brook Byers (Busbee Elementary); Nicci Cabaniss (Mossy Creek Elementary); Becky Carrier (Division of Instruction); Betsy Culler (Graniteville Elementary); Brenda Daniels (Aiken Elementary); Revonda Durham (Center for Innovative Learning); Kimberley Estep (Warrenville Elementary); Toni Fasenmyer (Jefferson Elementary); Debbie Gregory (Division of Administration & Human Resources); Cheryl Harant (South Aiken High School); Nancy Hash (Freedman Early Learning Center); Carla Hightower (Gloverville Elementary School); Donna Hilton (Schofield Middle); Stephanie House (Aiken Scholars Academy); Felicia Key (Ridge Spring-Monetta High); Nikki Kissiah (Chukker Creek Elementary); Pam Lamb (Midland Valley High); Jacqueline McKiever (Ridge Spring-Monetta Middle); Jami Mims (Redcliffe Elementary); Jackie Miller (A.L. Corbett Middle); Jody Morgan (Aiken High); Mary Morgan (North Augusta Middle); Mike Montalbano (Aiken Intermediate); Karen Nine (New Ellenton Middle STEAM Magnet School); Rhonda Norris (North Augusta High School); Sherrie Pitts (Leavelle McCampbell); Tammy Posey (North Aiken Elementary); Sammie Prescott (Clearwater Elementary); Tracy Price (Division of Operations & Student Services); Foris Quattlebaum (J.D. Lever Elementary); Deborah Richardson (Belvedere Elementary); Dorothy Robinson (Kennedy Middle); Holly Sharpe (Oakwood-Windsor Elementary); Julie Spires (Langley-Bath-Clearwater Middle); Ethel Smith (Ridge Spring-Monetta Elementary); Melissa Smith (East Aiken School of the Arts); Donna Stevens (Paul Knox Middle); Melissa Thomas (Byrd Elementary); Larry Williamson (Jackson STEM Middle Magnet School); and Tonya Wizorek (Division of Finance).

We look forward to honoring each location winner, and announcing the district Teacher of the Year, First Year Teacher of the Year and Giving Even More (GEM) winners in June.


ACPSD Communications Department