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Library Archives Project

The library staff has undertaken the massive task to digitize all of the items in the paper archive (as they are slowly deteriorating) and make them available on the library’s webpage.  The archive includes old programs, newspaper clippings, issues of The Waggler, and other miscellaneous items. 

This is an ongoing project.  We do still have a quite a few issues of The Waggler that are not standard paper size that we have to figure out how to scan.  We have only started on the massive amount of newspaper articles and have a handful of programs yet to scan. 

Unfortunately, we are missing many issues of The Waggler, many programs and other items that we are sure people might find interesting.  We are appealing to the public for assistance in obtaining copies of these missing items.  If you have any of these items and are willing to let our staff scan them in, please bring them by the school library media center.  Of course, be sure to stop by the school’s main office first for a visitor’s badge!  Depending upon the number of items, we can possibly scan while you wait.  We thank you for your assistance and hope you find the archives useful!