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Plans for Aiken County School Additions, New Schools Also Include Demolition, Traffic Flow, Reorienting Buildings

New schools and additions are the focus of Aiken County Public Schools' plan for the revenue from the $90 million bond referendum approved in May.

But the projects also will affect car lines, bus drop offs, demolition of existing classrooms and even the reorientation of a school's main entrance.

Here's a detailed description of how initial construction plans Aiken County School Board members heard Tuesday will affect the new Highland Springs Elementary and Middle schools and additions at Midland Valley High, Millbrook Elementary, Hammond Hill Elementary and Belvedere Elementary.

Midland Valley High, Graniteville

Construction on a new wing with 24 classrooms could begin at Midland Valley High by the end of the summer. The new space would help alleviate overcrowding in fast-growing Area 3, which includes the Graniteville and Midland Valley areas. The school has eight portable classrooms and nine teachers who do not have dedicated classrooms and “float” from class to class when other teachers have free periods.

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