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ALC Golfers Help WSHS Golf Team Win State Championship

The State Championship Train has stopped in Wagener! On Monday, May 6th three AL Corbett Athletes helped the Wagener Salley War Eagles bring home the Class A State Championship Trophy.  If you asked science teacher and former Athletic Director Tami Garvin three years ago if she thought we would have 7th grade students earning State Championships in golf in this building she would have told you were crazy. Not so today: "We didn't even have a golf program at the high school until three seasons ago, and the likelyhood of middle school students being inculded in such an elite sport was not something I would have fathomed."

Coach Parrish Deans helped this community build a golf program, and the 2019 season was only the third in two years. In that span, Coach Deans has helped these boys grow into stars on and off the course. Senior Bryson Shealey is going on to an Academic Scholarship at Clemson, and 8th grader Clayton Hooker went from hospital bed to number 10 in the State in a matter of weeks. "Watching these kids grow this program from the ground up, brick by brick, into a State Championship Program is something to be proud of," said Deans. "The support this team has received has been phenomenal...this is a community/town state championship."

Eighth grader Clayton Hooker made the Class A State Team by finishing 10th overall, made more impressive by the fact that Clayton was in a hospital bed for ten days at the beginning of the season getting his "tune up": Clayton has Cystic Fibrosis. Not letting anything stop him, Clayton texted/called coach each day while in the hospital to get updates on the team, find out how they did in matches he was missing. Once discharged, he worked hard and earned the number 5 spot on the golf team, and then placed 10th overall at the State Tournament.

We are so very proud of our Lions - they continue to improve and impress!

Leslie Fielder
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