• ATTRIBUTES OF PREMIER STUDENTS- Throughout the month of February ACPSD will highlight the Attributes of Premier Students campaign, which highlights the characteristics we are working to instill with our scholars everyday!

     Attributes of Premier Students

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  • ORDER YOUR ASA YEARBOOK TODAY - Yearbooks are available for pre-order today for $35.00. Sales will be open until 2/22/2019.

    Two options to order:

    Visit the Jostens website to order online at

    Print the order form below and return to the school. 2019 Yearbook Order Form


    PHOENIX PRIDE ADS - The Yearbook staff is also selling Phoenix Pride Ads. Ads are available in two sizes where you can express your pride for your scholar and thier accomplishments or show appreciation for a faculty member. Limit 1/8 page per scholar until deadline, if additional space opens we will notify parents.

    1/16 - $10.00

    1/8- $20.00

    Art and full payment are due by February 6th. Print the order form below and return with payment to the school (payment can be made via online payment system or cash/check directly to the school).

    Phoenix Pride Order Form

    Space is LIMITED, order your ad today!

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  • ASA YEARBOOK STAFF NEEDS YOUR HELP - Visit your play store and download the ReplayIt app in order to upload images that may be used the the yearbook or other ASA publications. It's quick and easy to do!

    *All images are screened for appropriate content.

    ReplayIT APP

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  • WEATHER MAKE-UP DAYS: Friday, October 19, 2018, Monday, February 18, 2019 and Friday, March 22nd have been designated Weather Make-Up Days on the 2018-19 District Calendar. They will be utilized to recoup instructional time lost due to school closings related to Hurricane Florence and Michael. 

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  • HAVE A QUESTION? - We welcome your questions and appreciate your interest in the Aiken Scholars Academy. Submit your inquiries using the question mark icon above.

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