Why I Teach

A Hashtag, A Calling, An Invitation

  • Our #WhyITeachACPSD Campaign began in August of 2018 when former District Teacher of the Year Emilee Meek challenged her colleagues to join the initiative during Aiken County Public School's annual ONE TEAM event. Since that time, Aiken County's teachers have shared their collective love for the art of teaching and their students by posting thousands of inspiring messages on social media using the #WhyITeachACPSD hashtag and their school-specific hashtags.

    Teachers also participated in a social media campaign during the 2018-19 school year alongside community partner Affect The Culture.

    We encourage all ACPSD teachers and invite our newest team members to continue to utilize the #WhyITeachACPSD hashtag during the 2019-20 school year to share those #ONTEAMMAGIC moments that take place in our classrooms each and every day. 

Tap Into Your Passion (Answering These Questions May Help)

  • What was the driving force behind your decision to become an educator?  
    What motivates you to continue to learn and grow professionally?  
    What is one piece of advice you would give to somebody that wants to become an educator?  
    Describe one of your career highlights, and describe why it is so important to you.   
    Who is the biggest influence in your career, and how did that person have an impact on your decision to become an educator?  
    What is your favorite subject to teach, and why?  
    Explain how you have grown professionally from your first year of teaching until now.   
    What is the most challenging aspect of this job? How do you overcome those challenges?  
    Describe a time you inspired a student to make a life changing choice.  
    Was there a club or organization that made you decide to be a teacher?  
    Where do you find your inspiration?   
    Would you recommend teaching/education as a profession?

Ready To Share?


    Tap into your moral purpose. What sparked your interest in teaching and what keeps you coming back year after year?  


    ACPSD believes in open communications. District and school leaders are always open to listening and discussing concerns. #WhyITeachACPSD was built with the involvement of teacher leaders as an outlet for encouraging interest in the field of education and celebrating the great big hearts of teachers throughout the district. Please respect the spirit of this campaign in your postings.   


    You may choose to use the #WhyITeachACPSD image to serve as the backdrop of a short video (30-45 seconds is recommended). You may simply write a few words about #WhyITeachACPSD on a social media platform of your choosing with the image attached. It's your story, you decide where and how to tell it. 


    Make sure the community can find your post-tag Aiken County Public Schools on Facebook @ACPSD, and @AikenPublicSch and @AlfordOnTheGo on Twitter.


    ENVIRONMENT – In photos/videos, please consider your environment (your classroom is a good choice/behind the wheel of your car is not).

    APPEARANCE - Be mindful of your clothing (professional dress is best!).

    PRIVACY - Speak in general terms/Don’t identify students by name.

    IMPACT - Your message will influence how others view your school, your students, your students’ families, your community, your colleagues, and our school system.

Twitter Example

  • Kirkland

Video Example