Reading Inventory

  • RI (Reading Inventory) / SAM (Student Achievement Manager)

    Grade(s)/Subjects Assessed - 2nd through 10th grade
    Assessment Dates - See Assessment Calendar

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    Overview - The Reading Inventory (RI) is a research-based, reading assessment that measures students’ level of reading comprehension and reports it using the Lexile Framework® for Reading. The score from this test helps teachers place students on the correct educational path, adjust their teaching style to students’ needs, track students’ reading growth over time, and match readers to books appropriate for their skills.

    The electronic version of the Reading Inventory is an online adaptive test that adjusts to students’ responses. Once students start the test, the difficulty levels of questions change according to students’ performance. When the RI assessment program has enough information to generate a Lexile measure, the assessment stops. Adaptive testing shortens test-taking time, increases testing accuracy, and helps ensure that no two students receive the same test.
    Reading Inventory has a test bank of 5,119 questions, and is based on passages from children’s literature, both fiction and nonfiction, as well as excerpts from young adult and classic literature, newspapers, magazines, and periodicals. As they take the RI, students answer fill-in-the-blank or cloze questions, similar to those found in many standardized tests, which measure students’ comprehension of the passages they read.

    The RI Experience
    One benefit of the RI test is that it provides a non-threatening environment for testing.
    The following features are built into the SRI test:

    • Questions are not timed. Students are not pressured to answer questions as quickly as possible to get through the test.
    • Students take a practice test to ensure that they understand the test-taking procedures.
    • Students may skip up to three questions per test without affecting results.
    • At the completion of the test, students may view a customized Recommended Reading Report based on their results from the SRI test and the types of books they like to read.
    • Students may use the mouse or keyboard to take the test.

      The following is a quick overview of the testing process:

    • The student takes the Practice Test to become familiar with the computer-based testing process.
    • The student takes the actual SRI test.
    • Once the student completes the test, SRI determines a Lexile measure for each student and the results are available through the Reports tab in SAM.