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  • Edmentum's Exact Path


    Grade Levels: 2nd - 8th   Subjects: Math, Reading, and Language Arts*

    About: Edmentum Exact Path is a web-based learning tool providing students an opportunity to work on individual areas of need in math, reading, language arts as determined by the system’s adaptive diagnostics and individualized learning paths. Exact Path ensures the delivery of precise instruction to accelerate students to grade level and beyond. 

    Accounts: Exact Path student and teacher accounts are created through PowerSchool via Clever.  Teacher classes are not automatically populated, teachers must manually manage their class rosters. 

    Program Instruction: Students take Diagnostic Assessments within Exact Path to create individualized student Learning Paths.  Each student Learning Path contains up to four skills with Lessons, Practice, and Mastery Quizzes.  For students to complete a skill in the Learning Path, a minimum score of 80% is required on the Mastery Quiz or the student is prompted to complete the Lesson and Practice again to reopen the Mastery Quiz. At the end of each Learning Path the student takes a Progress Check that contains five questions per skill.  Skill Mastery is determined by a score of 80% or higher on each skill with the Progress Check as indicated by the trophy icon.  If a student does not achieve mastery on a skill assessed in the Progress Check, the program automatically readdresses that skill with a building block correlated to that skill in the student's next Learning Path.  At the end of each Progress Check, students will automatically begin the next set of Learning Activities within their new personalized Learning Path. 

    *Note: 2nd-5th grade only use the Language Arts portion

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