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    We believe that employees are our greatest resource and we take pride in being able to offer benefits to all eligible employees and their families.

    The links below provide information regarding the benefits offered to Aiken County Public Schools' employees. 

Your ACPSD Benefits & Insurance Contacts

  • Deloris Brown
    Benefits & Insurance (Classified)

    Kimberly Hickson-Corbitt
    Benefits & Insurance (Certified)

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    Benefits Enrollment is HERE!

    Employees are highly encouraged to meet with a benefit counselor.






    During your meeting with a benefit counselor:


    • Learn what’s new for 2023 and enroll/make changes.
    • Enroll or re-enroll in MoneyPlus, a tax-favored account which allows you to save on medical and dependent care costs. You must re-enroll every year.
    • Special offer for this enrollment: up to $50,000 term life insurance with no medical questions for eligible employees.**
    • Questions about benefits?  Your counselor will explain your options, including cost to help you make an informed decision.
    • Learn about voluntary benefits to enhance your coverage. Voluntary benefits may be available with no health or medical questions to answer.**


    State benefit choices you make this fall go into effect January 1, 2023.

    Your benefit elections are locked in for 1 year, through 2023,

    so it's important to review your options each year during enrollment.***





    Don't miss the one time each year to make changes to your benefits.***



    online scheduler support: 844-533-2022


    *Virtual options may include telephone or video conferencing.

    **Some benefits may be available on a guaranteed issue or modified guaranteed issue basis (some exceptions may apply).

    ***Unless you become eligible to change your coverage due to a special eligibility situation.


Navigating Your Benefits

  • Click on image below to access Navigating your Benefits.

    Making decisions about your insurance and retirement benefits can be complicated and difficult. You need to think about how much coverage you will need and how much you will pay, all while learning new or unfamiliar concepts.

    For this reason, PEBA has created Navigating Your Benefits, a multimedia campaign to give you common-language explanations on benefits concepts. The flyers and videos found below can help you find your way in the world of your insurance and retirement benefits.