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Jacqui Clavero

Hopefullly everyone had a wonderful relaxing summer break!   I got the opportunity to spend several days with my family in Florida.  While the weather was extremely warm, it was great to relax with my parents over a "cafe con leche'" and  flan.  

Ms. Clavero is on the move again,  this year I will split my day between SBHS and AHS. I will teach at SBHS in the morning and AHS in the afternoon.  I'm looking forward to seeing all of you!




When you have a minute, please make sure to sign up with talking points app..  I will use to cummunicate with parents.  I've already sent out invitations for the app.  


Ms. Clavero

ps: Use my email or the talkingpts app to contact me.


 *** please note that lesson plans are tentative and are subject to change ***