Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Maduro

Hello! My name is Adriana Maduro Henriquez. I am originally from Venezuela. I am a Bachelor in Education Major English. I have been in the Education Field for 12 years so far. I have had the opportunity to teach all levels, such as Preschool, Elementary, High School and University. As an International Teacher, I had the opportnity to teach in Colombia  from 2018-2019 and in Chile from 2019 to 2020. Personal development is important for me; this is why I have studies related to Emotional Intelligence, Neurolinguistic Programming, Life coaching, and Body language reading. 

I personally believe that learning languages opens your mind and your heart to a world full of opportunities. It connects us with all the different cultures that makes the world a diverse place to live in. 


“A different language is a different vision  of life”.

Federico Fellini. 



SPANISH 3: 1st Period

SPANISH 1: 2nd Period

PLANNING: 3rd Period

SPANISH 1: 4th Period

SPANISH 2: 5th Period

PLANNING: 6th Period

SPANISH 3: 7th Period