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    At the Aiken County Public School District, we strive to be the premier secondary education provider in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) and across our state.

    In addition to offering our students and families a high-quality educational experience inside the classroom through our excellent teachers and staff members, striving for premier also means we are dedicated to giving all students access to high-quality, secure facilities. We are able to do this primarily through the trust and financial support our Aiken County community. We always want to ensure transparency and provide clarity wherever possible, especially related to projects funded with valuable taxpayer dollars.

    This area of our District website has been created to help inform and update our community on the many wonderful construction and renovation projects currently taking place in our school district, as well as those slated for completion in the future. It will range in scope and include projects approved as part of our Penny Sales Tax initiative to those approved in our recent Bond Referendum, along with updates on our efforts to use our facilities in the most efficient ways possible.

    We hope these pages will be an informative guide to our Premier Learning Spaces. 

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