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    What is Medical Homebound?

    Medical Homebound is a program designed to provide instruction by a certified teacher to students who are absent from school 10 days or more.  The absences must be related to a diagnosed illness, accident, pregnancy, or emotional challenge. 

    What types of services are offered through Medical Homebound?

    Students qualify for full time services if they are or will be absent for 10 consecutive school days.  Students qualify for intermittent services if they are or may be absent for 10 total school days due to the same medical diagnosis identified by the physician.  

    Who is qualified to request Medical Homebound services?

    A medical doctor, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner must warrant the absences by submitting a district approved form; however, a physician’s signature does not guarantee acceptance into the program. 

    What should parents/guardians submit when a diagnosis is identified by the doctor?

    Parents must complete a Parent Instruction Sheet, Supplemental Release Form, and Homebound Attendance Requirement Form prior to approval.

    Who approves Medical Homebound services?

    A designated district representative must approve the services before homebound instruction can begin.  Although forms are available to all Aiken County Public Schools students, this does not imply that the school district endorses the need for homebound services.

    When should parents/guardians submit paperwork?

    Parents/guardians should submit the appropriate paperwork as soon as a medical issue is diagnosed or identified.

    When do Medical Homebound Services begin?

    Services begin after a physician (MD, PA, or NP) certifies that the student is medically unable to attend school and after the form is approved by district personnel. 

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