• Discipline Policy

    The School District of Aiken County has a written Code of Student Conduct by which schools and students must abide.  Students will receive a copy on their first day.   Parents and students are to read and become familiar with these policies.  A portion of this is to be signed by the student and parent, dated and returned to the teacher, who will file it in the permanent record folder.  Your signature does not mean that you are in total agreement but simply that you have received and read the discipline code.  District policies comply with state laws and carry the weight of law in our school district.  Please study the code carefully and discuss the regulations and consequences with your child.  

    The in-school suspension (ISS) program was developed to address the need to redirect students’ behavior and help students accept responsibility for their actions and behavior.  The program attempts to address the serious loss of educational experiences for students when out-of-school suspension would typically be assigned for an infraction of school rules or the Code of Student Conduct.  Parents will be notified in writing and the student in ISS will be dismissed to his/her parent or guardian at 11:00 a.m. each day. 

    School-wide Discipline Plan

    Chukker Creek Elementary has a school-wide discipline plan developed by the faculty to ensure a safe and orderly school environment. All students must obey the following school-wide rules:

    1.  WALK at all times and in all public places.
    2.  USE QUIET VOICES in all public areas.
    3.  Use GOOD MANNERS at all times.
    4.  BE RESPONSIBLE for your own behavior.

    Any member of the staff or faculty can issue blue tickets to students who are caught obeying school rules.  Students who break the rules will be issued red tickets that will result in corrective actions. Parents will be notified when their child receives a red ticket. All blue tickets received in a class during the week will be placed in a jar for a drawing on Fridays. The more blue tickets a student has accumulated, the greater the chance of having his/her ticket drawn to receive a special treat from the office. Students who have received red tickets or discipline notes during the week will not be eligible for the Friday drawings. Our goal is to maintain appropriate behavior at all times by rewarding students for making the right choices!