• Anti-Bullying Policy/Procedures

    Chukker Creek Elementary is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all of our students in which they can learn, play, and grow. 

    Bullying is not acceptable at our school. We want all of our students to feel empowered to tell a teacher, a counselor, or an administrator when they witness or experience any form of bullying. 

    It is critical that students, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators work cooperatively to prevent the harmful effects of bullying on students' well-being.

    Reports of bullying may be made anonymously. All reports of bullying will be investigated, documented, and addressed appropriately in a timely manner.  

    A parent or guardian who is concerned that his/her child is dealing with a bullying situation needs to first notify the child's teacher. The child's teacher will then investigate the reported bullying incident and follow-up with the appropriate parties.  

    In justified cases, parents will be notified and/or required to meet with their child's teachers, counselors, and/or administrators to address a bullying incident and prevent future episodes. The children involved in the incident may be referred to the counselor for guidance. The student exhibiting bullying behaviors may be referred to an administrator for disciplinary action.

    If the parent/guardian feels that the bullying situation has not been resolved after contacting the child's teacher, he/she should contact the counselor who will investigate, document, and address the report in a timely manner.  

    After contacting the school counselor, if the bullying behaviors have not stopped, the parent/guardian should contact a school administrator.