• Attendance Policy


    Student attendance is very important!  Chukker Creek Elementary expects all students to attend school and arrive on time each day.  School begins at 7:25 a.m.  A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the tardy bell rings at 7:30 a.m. 

    Aiken County Public Schools’ Elementary School Attendance policy is included below. Parents are welcome to contact Leslie Seremak in our attendance office concerning student attendance issues or absences by phone at 803-641-2474 or by email at lseremak@acpsd.net.  Upon receipt of your email, she will reply.  If no reply is received, it may be necessary to call and request she email you directly first so that our firewall will recognize your email address.





    Unexcused/Unlawful tardies are considered a violation of the CSAL (Compulsory School Attendance Law) in that instruction time is missed.  Unexcused tardies will be addressed in an Attendance Intervention Plan and may result in a referral to the District Attendance Office and/or Family Court.

    Lawful Tardies: In order for a tardy to be excused written documentation must be provided.

    1. Illness on part of the student with written medical excuse

    2. Emergency and/or hardships at the discretion of the principal

    3. Doctor or Dentist appointment

    4. Late bus arrival

    5. Teacher, Guidance or Administrator Conference

    Unlawful Tardies: Three written parent excuses for any reason or combination of reasons will be accepted per semester.  Any additional excuses must be official written medical excuses etc. or will be considered unlawful.

    1. Illness on part of the student with written medical excuse

    2. Oversleeping, traffic, carpool trouble or other “personal reasons”

    3. Missed bus

    4. Car trouble

    To support the goal of the Compulsory School Attendance Law and decrease a possible referral to the District Attendance Office and/or Family Court, Chukker Creek Elementary will implement the following actions:

    1. Five (5) unexcused/unlawful tardies – a phone call will be made to the parent

    2. Ten (10) unexcused/unlawful tardies – a letter will be mailed to the parent

    3. Fifteen (15) unexcused/unlawful tardies – parent will be contacted to develop a written Attendance Intervention Plan.

    The accumulation of further unexcused/unlawful tardies may result in a referral to the District Attendance Office and/or Family Court.


    Homebound Instruction:
    Parents who anticipate multiple student absences because of extended health problems should  call the school office and confer with Mrs. Seremak concerning the possibility of homebound instuction.  If the student qualifies to receive homebound instructional services, a teacher can be sent to the home at no cost to the parent.

    Student Transfers:
    If you are planning to move your child from Chukker Creek to another school or area, please give the attendance office advance notice.  Transfer forms must be prepared and completed by the office staff and teachers.  Notice of at least 24 hours would be much appreciated as it takes time to complete the withdrawal process.  All text books and library books belonging to Chukker Creek must be returned upon withdrawal.