Car Riders

  • Car riders enter the building through the carpool entrance. Late arrivals must be escorted to the office by a parent for a tardy slip before being admitted to the classroom. Faculty and staff are stationed throughout the school to ensure that your child reaches his/her room in a timely and safe manner. Parents must use the car line area at the rear of the building to drop off and pick up students. Do not use the cafeteria parking lot.

Car Line

  • Please help ensure a safe and orderly dismissal from school each day by adhering to the following guidelines:

    ***Drivers are to display their children’s names and grades on their visor.***

    The front drive is to be used ONLY for buses in the mornings and afternoons.

    • Students who depart in cars are dismissed at 2:30 each regular school day.
    • Students will be dismissed to designated grade level areas. Students will wait there until their names are called.
    • Vehicles will enter the boarding area carefully and fill two lanes.
    • When both lanes of traffic are stopped, the teacher will signal those students whose ride is in the loading zone to proceed to their cars.
    • Do not leave your vehicle to escort your child; teachers will assist your child in the safest manner possible.
    • When the vehicles in both lanes of the loading zone are loaded, the teacher on duty will signal for one lane of vehicles to leave. The signal will then be given for the other lane to follow.
    • If your child does not come to your vehicle, do not leave your car, but signal to the teacher on duty.
    • This procedure will be followed until all children have boarded their vehicles safely.
    • Please use the appropriate entrance and exit off Henry Street. Parking on Henry Street and Waites Street is prohibited because of many children who walk home and need to walk on the shoulders of these streets.

    Important Reminders:

    • Never leave your parked vehicle in the lanes of traffic.
    • Never instruct your child to board your vehicle anywhere except in the boarding area.
    • Car riders may be picked up only in the carpool area.