• A Brief History of South Aiken High School

    South Aiken High School

    South Aiken High School (SAHS) was officially established in 1982, splitting a once consolidated Aiken High and Schofield:

    The start of school proved more of a trial for us this year than it had in the past.  We were separated from friends and classmates, placed in different surroundings and forced to face new situations.  The old high school had become increasingly crowded over the years, so in the fall of 1976 the Aiken County Board of Education decided that the city of Aiken needed two high schools and the voters agreed by passing the necessary referendums.  Thus, South Aiken High was formed.  From the beginning we were charged with the responsibility to achieve the highest honors for South Aiken, and to set the pace for future generations.  Just as the thoroughbreds thundered from the starting gate, so we began our advance to the wire.  We have already raced past many crucial quarter post.  The "Thoroughbred" was officially designated South Aiken's mascot in the fall of 1980, along with the shield and ring.  The rest of the contest was full of obstacles and setbacks, but we always held our heads high as we strove to reach the inevitable winner's circle and the wreath of roses that waited at our destination. - The Winners Circle, Volume 1

    South Aiken High School has continued to be a high-achieving and close-knit school community that works closely and collaboratively to stretch and support all students in reaching their full academic and personal potential. The curriculum at SAHS supports rigorous and personalized learning opportunities through a wide variety of course selections preparing each individual for his or her unique post-secondary path. All students are encouraged to conquer advanced coursework and a full third of our students are enrolled in AP classes. On average, our AP students enroll in 2.2 advanced courses each year, with 68 percent earning a passing score on their AP exam and receiving college credit. Through valuable community partnerships and the support of the National Math and Science Initiative, South Aiken High has been able to pique student interest related to our Advanced Placement opportunities as enrollment in these courses has doubled. South Aiken High students also have access to the prestigious Accelerate Program sponsored by the S.C. Governor's School, in addition to dual enrollment courses through local college and university systems, and alongside meaningful project-based and work-based learning initiatives. Our students are actively supported in these strenuous academic efforts by highly effective, service-driven educators who work tirelessly to foster and encourage a collective spirit of public service, community responsibility, and inspired leadership among our student body.