• South Aiken Seal

    Welcome to South Aiken High School for the 2020-2021 school year!  I cannot accurately describe how excited we are to be welcoming back the South Aiken Family this year because, as we are well aware, the 2019-2020 school year did not end the way we planned it.  However, with this new school year there are also new opportunities to serve our students! 

    The South Aiken experience in 2019-2020 was an amazing and unique experience that will not soon be forgotten and true to our motto the faculty and staff, students, parents, and community members truly worked collaboratively for our collective benefit.  From shifting to a distance learning environment over a weekend to also celebrating our student successes in a nontraditional manner the South Aiken Family truly exemplified All Means ALL.  

    For the 2020-2021 school year, South Aiken will place a laser like focus on ensuring once more that All Means ALL for every South Aiken student regardless of whether or not they are attending Face-To-Face or Virtually.  We will provide an equitable and accessible education for every Thoroughbred as our students and families will not have to make a choice between their health and their education as we will emphasize the importance of both every day!  The implementation of this promise will have its challenges but we know and understand that our students deserve and require our best and we ask that you give us your best as well.  Communication more than ever will be of utmost importance as we will begin this school year with the luxury of knowing that we will see your beautiful faces on a daily basis; so if you see an issue, have a concern, or want to recognize something good let us know through the medium that you feel the most comfortable with.  Our secondary focus will continue to be an instructionally superior school.  We will continue to provide a Literacy Rich Environment that will provide our students the opportunity to meet the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate.  Our students will be stretched through their enrollment in Advanced Placement courses, prepared for their post-secondary careers through participation in our Career & Technology Education courses, and/or receive the necessary support through our core and enrichment classes. 

    Regardless of the setting and the circumstances, All Means ALL; so know that as part of the South Aiken Family you are loved and your success is of paramount importance.  Once again, I welcome you to South Aiken High School where an equitable and accessible education is every student’s right, and we encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to grow and develop as a valued member of the Thoroughbred Family where we demonstrate with integrity…All Means ALL. 



    Samuel A. Fuller 


    South Aiken High School 


    Pony Up!!