• New Student Registration

    We are so excited to welcome your child to Byrd Elementary School and we look forward to making registration for you and your child’s transition to our public schools as simple as possible!
    Registration will be completed online and parents/guardians will need an active email address in order to register their child. Various companies provide email accounts at no cost.
    Our school zone locator will automatically default to the school your child will attend based on the home address entered.

    What You Will Need to Register Your Student

    Prior to beginning the registration process, you will need to collect a few documents, including:
    • Your child’s birth Certificate
    • Immunization Record
    • Proof of Residency Documents (2)
    You may choose to scan the document (.doc or .pdf) or upload an image (photograph in .jpg or .png format) of the required documents. Please note that a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and Immunization record must also be submitted in person to your child’s school prior to the first day.
    You will be asked to upload two proof of residency documents. Acceptable documents include the following:
    • Mortgage contract or statement
    • SC Driver's License or ID Card
    • Property Tax bill or Receipt
    • Utility Bill (electric, water or gas)
    • Cable/satellite, Internet or telephone bill
    • Homeowners/renters Insurance policy
    • Notarized Letter from Landlord
    You will also be asked to enter the name of your child’s pediatrician and dentist, along with their telephone numbers and addresses. Family members and friends to call on in an emergency will also be requested. You may enter up to five emergency contacts.

    Emergency Contacts/Bus Escorts

    While in our District learning is certainly important, the safety of your children is our highest priority. Any student riding the bus in grades PK-Grade 2 must be met by an adult after school at the bus stop. Students grade 2 and lower will not be left at a bus stop alone.

    An exception to this rule can be made if a younger student will be riding a bus and getting off at the bus stop with an older sibling (grade 3 or higher). You will be asked to identify up to five individuals who may meet your child at the bus. You will need to list their names and a contact telephone number for each.


    Ready to Register? Parents who need to set up a Parent Portal account should reach out to our Student Information Clerk, Marilynn Abellan, mabellan@acpsd.net at 803-663-4320 for information on how to access the parent portal account.  Registration Link