• Beth Mackin and Elaine Covard are Byrd Elementary's school nurses.  They can be reached at 803-663-4320.


    When possible, medications should be given by parents/guardians before or after school.

    Medication to be given during the school day, including over the counter medication, must be delivered by the parent/guardian in the original labelled container and accompanied by a completed Medical Permission Form.

    Over-the-counter medications may be given with parental permission as long as age appropriate dosing recommendations on the product label are followed.

    Written authorization from the Healthcare Provider who prescribed the medication is required for prescription, herbal, homeopathic, and non-prescription medications not given in accordance with the product label. These medications must be in the original container and have a pharmacy label with dosing instructions attached.

    Aiken County School District (ACSD) and its employees reserve the right to refuse to honor medication requests that are not consistent with professional standards and/or deemed unsafe for the school setting.

    All medications will be stored in a locked cabinet unless the student has been granted permission to self-monitor/self-medicate.  Other forms and requirements are available through this link:  Forms and Requirements