-Parents are asked to remain in the car-line to drop students off.

    -Students drop-off begins at 7:00 am.  No earlier.

    -If you want to use the crosswalk, you may park in an available space or use the gravel lot across from the school.  Students MAY NOT be dropped off in the loop designated for parking. 

    -Focus on safety, refrain from cell phone use, and follow directions of staff members. 

    -Always pull down as far as you can to maximize our loading area.


    -Students are dismissed at 2:30 pm.

    -3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students are dismissed last and are not likely to exit building until 2:40 pm.

    -We would like to see 100% of students picked up in the car line, but

    parents may park in the lot and meet students at the crosswalk. 

    -Do not block the parking lot by waiting for a parking space to open.  Spaces are limited, so it might be necessary to park in the gravel parking lot across the street. 

    -The use of car signs increases our ability to dismiss students in a timely fashion.  Let your teacher know if you need a sign. 

    -The safety of our students and staff is always top priority. 

    -Please adhere to the above expectations.

    Rainy Day Dismissal: 

    -In the event that it is raining during afternoon dismissal, we ask that you remain in the car-line. 

    -Students will go to the gym where they can safely wait for their ride.  

    -As cars pull into the car-line, we will call the students and have them ready to load when your car reaches the loading area.