NA Orch
  • Welcome to the North Augusta High School Orchestra!
    The NA Orchestra is the premier strings ensemble at North Augusta High School. The ensemble is comprised of students from grades 9-12 with a complex diversity of backgrounds and experiences. The four primary string orchestra instruments are used in this ensemble: Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass.  In its eighth year of existence, the North Augusta Orchestra program will be striving to achieve a deeper knowledge of the fundamentals required to play string instruments. Students will be expected to process information learned in fundamentals time and apply those concepts to our performances. Students will experience playing as a full orchestra and in small chamber music settings. Listening will be an extensive journey into learning about the great composers of music history, as well as modern and contemporary composers that continue to influence the development of music. Students in the orchestra are expected to listen, comprehend, and discuss music at an advanced level, and then expected to perform those elements of music in their own concert performances. There will be several concerts that occur throughout the year: a Winter Concert in December, The Garcia Orchestra Festival in March, Concert Performance Assessment in March, a performance at the Festival of Music in Carowinds in April, and a Spring Concert in May. The NAHS Orchestra received superior ratings at the Carowinds Festival of Music in 2019 and 2022. The ensemble will be performing at the State Concert Performance Assessment for the first time this school year! More information about these events will be provided as they become available. We are excited about this next year of growth and musical development for the members of the orchestra!
    Director: Samantha Newcomb