• The Vision of Personalized Digital Learning Initiative (PDL) is to transform teaching and learning by immersing all students in rich, authentic, relevant, personalized digital learning experiences that enable deeper learning across all disciplines. The personalized digital learning initiative takes the next step in moving our educational system forward by expanding the use of technology as a tool for learning.  Through this initiative, we have the opportunity to put technological tools into the hands of every student in 7th grade at LBC Middle School.


    Seventy-five percent of our students come from poverty and many do not have reliable, 21st century technology in their homes.  With consistent and up-to-date technology for 7th graders throughout every school day, our 1:1 initiative will give access to world class skills and knowledge that students lack because of the economic challenges their families face.  We want all our students to be college and career ready graduates, and we believe a 1:1 initiative will help provide equity in technology access supporting that outcome. Our students and teachers have embraced the use of technology in our schools, and their enthusiasm can be seen in our competitive robotics programs, STEM, coding, model teacher, and Full Circle Classes’. Today’s students and teachers who are entering our classrooms are digital natives who understand and value technological tools. LBC Middle School Personalized Digital Learning Initiative (PDL) has placed personal computing devices in the hands of students in 7th grade. The primary objective is to transform the delivery methods of our classrooms to match the needs of the modern student. Over the next 3 years using our Title 1 funds, the primary goal is all students having access to a digital device in all classrooms. This would be our Thematic Program of Personalizing Learning for students. Students are engaged in their own success and have a voice in their education as they seek to achieve the goal of a South Carolina Graduate. Responsibility for the learning and culture is shared between learners and educators.