Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books
  • Battle of the Books is a reading competition designed to improve reading and comprehension while building enthusiasm for reading using a fun and unique competition format.  Students will compete in teams to demonstrate their knowledge of ten preselected books. 

  • 2023 - 2024 Battle of the Books Titles

  •  Stella


    by McCall Hoyle Year Published: 2022

    Stella used to be a bomb-sniffing dog, but after a terrible accident, she goes to live on a small family farm to recover from her fear of loud noises. Stella has every reason to love her new family, especially the young human named Chloe who smells like chocolate chip cookies, newly cut grass, the pages of books, and something else, a strange chemical she can't quite identify. Chloe has epilepsy, and a chemical inside her body surges just before she has a seizure. Stella's nose makes the connection. But how can she warn Esperanza without her thinking it's just Stella's usual anxiety?

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  •  Simon B Rhymin

    Simon B. Rhymin’

    by Dwayne Reed Year Published: 2022

    Simon Barnes is an eleven-year-old fifth grader who dreams of becoming a famous rapper, aka Notorious D.O.G. Unfortunately, he is small for his age and afraid to perform  in front of others. When his new teacher assigns the class an oral presentation about something that affects his community, Simon must find his voice.

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  •  Maya and the Robot

    Maya and the Robot

    by Eve L. Ewing Year Published: 2022

    Fifth grade is starting with a flop for science loving Maya. Separated from her best friends and shoved into the mean teacher’s class, Maya’s only hope for both a friend and a science project might be new robot pal, Ralph.

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  •  The Last Gate of the Emperor

    Last Gate of the Emperor

    by Kwame Mbalia and Prince Joel Makonnen Year Published: 2022

    In this Ethiopian-inspired adventure, twelve-year-old Yared and his bionic lioness companion, Besa, must join forces with their chief rival, The Ibis, to save their world from giant robotic beasts. The pair must go on the run, uncover the truth, and save their homeland from certain ruin.

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  •  The Islanders

    The Islanders

    by Mary Alice Monroe with Angela May Year Published: 2022

    Spending the summer with his grandmother on South Carolina's Dewees Island, eleven-year-old Jake finds two friends who are also struggling with family issues and together they try to save a sea turtle nest from predators.

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  •  Fast Pitch

    Fast Pitch

    by Nic Stone Year Published: 2021

    Working hard to prove that black girls belong at bat, softball captain Shenice Lockwood must prove herself on and off the field when a family secret is revealed, breaking her focus on the game as the championship fast approaches.

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  •  Elephant in the Room

    The Elephant in the Room

    by Holly Goldberg Sloan Year Published: 2022

    Missing her mother who has returned to Turkey to resolve an immigration problem, sixth-grader Sila welcomes a very large distraction in her life when she helps a surprising new friend rescue a circus elephant.

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  •  Dog Squad

    Dog Squad

    by Chris Grabenstein Year Published: 2022

    Fred, a scrappy and lovable dog, gets cast as a stand-in for the lead role in Dog Squad, a show about crime-fighting dogs, and he soon finds out the action doesn't always stop on screen.

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  • Ben Yokoyama and the Cookie of Doom

    by Matthew Swanson Year Published: 2021

    Eight year old Ben receives a fortune cookie at a Chinese restaurant. The message inside the cookie leads him to believe that today will be his last day on Earth. Over the next twenty-four hours, Ben will attempt to complete a very special bucket list that begins with eating a piece of cake

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  •  Accidental Apprentice

    The Accidental Apprentice

    by Amanda Foody Year Published: 2021

    Unadventurous Barclay Thorne interrupts the spell of Lore-Keeper Viola and her dragon, Mitzi, and accidentally bonds with the  magical wolf-like Beast, Root. Instead of returning to his dull and provincial home, Barclay is run out of town, and must set off on an adventure in the mysterious Woods to either abandon Root, or learn to live with his mystifying new powers

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