Welcome to the Buddy Club!

  • Picture your best friend. Now imagine your life without that person. For people with developmental disabilities, the laughter and excitement of a best friend is only a dream. Buddy Club members are the lifeline to the joy of having and being a friend. 

    The Buddy Club's purpose is to empower youth with AND without intellectual disabilities. The club gives people with special needs a chance to speak up, be heard, and advocate for themselves and others in the school and in the community. The club members are encouraged to spend time with their friends through various activities such as reading a book, arts and crafts, cooking, and other life skills activities. 

     Buddies are welcome to Ms. Arciaga's class in room C102 and Ms. Jurado's in room C101 during ILT. Please secure a pass from your homeroom teacher if you plan to come. 

    If you need more information, contact Ms. Arciaga at marciaga@acpsd.net. If you want to join, use your mobile phone to scan the QR code and fill out the survey or use this link:   https://forms.gle/PmY98V4fVJ518GDWA    (copy and paste it into your browser).