• Parking and Drop Off/Pick Up Instructions for the 2023-2024 School Year:

    1. Parents may use parking lot F (behind the visitor stands in Jacket Stadium) to drop-off and pick-up students. Please see the picture posted on our website and social media. The area is denoted with a green and gold star and is accessed via Jacket Lane.
    2. Parents may use Champions Avenue to drop-off and pick-up students at the student entrance in the English wing. This area is also denoted with a green and gold star. This is the staging location for all private transportation students before school opens daily.
    3. In the mornings, it is the request of the NAHS Student Council and the NAHS administration that parents do not use parking lot E to drop-off students. This is the student parking lot directly in front of Jacket Arena. Out of respect for our students and their safety, it is our request that parents do not congest this area in the mornings during arrival. This will allow our student drivers to access their parking spaces with more safety and efficiency.
    4. In the afternoons, parents may park in the student parking lot E to pick up their students. Because so many seniors have early dismissal, a large number of parking spaces are available for parents to park and wait for their student to exit school.
    5. Parents may drop-off and pick-up students in parking lot A near the main entrance and Champions Avenue.
    6. For safety reasons and to be a good neighbor, the NAHS administration requests that all parents pick up their students on campus and not in the surrounding neighborhood. Please do not encourage your student to walk off campus to be picked up in the afternoons.
    7. If a student has not purchased parking, the student will need to be driven to school or ride school transportation. Students that do not have the appropriate parking decals on their vehicle will not be allowed to access student parking lots.
Parent Drop Off/Pick Up Locations