•  valeri

    Greetings Leavelle McCampbell Family,

    I am very excited about this year! My Classroom is called the “Accommodations Lab”.  I provide accommodations for students with educational plans.  According to LD Online, an accommodation is "alterations in the way tasks are presented that allow children to complete the same assignments as other students". These accommodations do not alter the content of the assignments, but give students an fair advantage, or in the case of assessments, doesn't change what the test measures. They do make it possible for students to show what they know without being impeded by a disability, speaking a different language, or a medical diagnosis  

    My name is Lisa Valeri.  I graduated from Mansfield University in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education.  I completed my Master’s in Instructional eEducation with an emphasis on technology from the University Of Maryland University College. I started teaching in 1990 at a special education preschool in Upstate New York, where I am originally from, and still consider myself an Upstate New Yorker at heart. (GO Yankees!) I have also lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where I taught k-5 elementary for eight years. I continued teaching elementary special education here in South Carolina until 2010. Some of my hobbies include reading, technology, and raising my 4year-old Golden Retriever Willow, she might be a little bit spoiled.