Mission and Beliefs

  • Mission Statement

    The mission of Kennedy Middle School is to provide high-quality, student-learning experiences that address the needs of the whole student in order to influence young people to lead lives that will positively impact their future.  

    Belief Statements

    We Believe.............

    the curriculum should emphasize academic skills along with students achieving their highest individual potential.
    the administration and staff should recognize and value the diversities and rights as well as the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of students.
    administration, staff, and students should work cooperatively to create a positive, safe environment conducive to learning and teaching.
    the administration, staff, parents, and community should work together to help ensure academic success of students.
    students should be responsible and held accountable for their behavior and academic success.
    the school should help prepare students to become productive members of society.

    Kennedy Middle School welcomes input from all of its stakeholders. If you would like to make suggestions for the school's beliefs, mission statement, or performance goals, please contact Dr. Ryan Ashley at rashley@acpsd.net